Rachel Lindsay Greenbush Interview

Rachel Lindsay Greenbush: The Other Sister

Many of us who grew up watching "Little House on the Prairie" assumed Lindsay Sidney Greenbush was one person since it’s the name that appears on the beginning credits as the character "Carrie Ingalls" is running down a grassy hill, but as most people have since learned: Lindsey and Sidney are two different people. As often happens, they cast identical twins in a single role for filming and legal purposes. So let’s take a stroll back down (or up) to the prairie with one of the two Greenbush twins: Rachel Lindsay.


Did you have any acting jobs as a baby (that you know of) before "Little House on the Prairie"?
Yes, Sidney and I had done both commercials and a movie of the week Called "Sunshine" with Cliff De Young. Michael Landon saw it and asked us to interview for "Little House".

What was your favorite episode and season of "Little House on the Prairie"?
If I was watching as a fan I think the Pilot and the first season are my favorites.

Which sister did you play in the episode "The Godsister"?
When Sidney and I read the script we both wanted to be Alyssa so we traded off being both. I would have to watch it to remember all the times I played Carrie but I think I was Carrie more and Sidney was Alyssa a little more. I woke up being chased by the spider and had Albert almost drop the wood on me. When I ate the berry I was Carrie when we tried to pick up the penny. Sidney is the one that hugs Jack in heaven and takes Pa to meet Alyssa. Sidney gives me the flower by the stream.

What is your favorite memory of working on the show?
How grown-up and special I felt when I got to wear my hair in braids and wear Melissa G's Blue Sunday dress.

Were there any particular shoots that weren’t too fun or easy?
"The Godsister" episode in heaven: the fog was really humid and hot and most people don't realize that we had a dress and a petticoat underneath and bloomers and full stockings and boots. It was really hot and then the hot lights and the humid fog made it even harder to breath.

Write a quick sentence about the following cast members:

Michael Landon… Practical joker, loved to make people laugh.
Karen Grassle… Sweet and kind. She always looked out for me.
Melissa Gilbert… Like a big sister. She too would look out for me.
Melissa Sue Anderson… Didn't really know her.
Katherine MacGreogor… Fast-witted and funny.
Matthew Laborteaux… He is a good person.
Allison Arngrim… Hysterically funny! I love when we get to hang out! Very down to earth and real.
Jonathan Gilbert… Miss him. I had a crush on him when we were young.
Victor French… Big kid; loved to make us laugh.
Richard Bull… Very gentle and kind soul.
Kevin Hagan… Nice man. His son Chris worked on the show.
Dean Butler… Good guy; easy to work with.

Who does the famous fall in the beginning credits?

Your father is character-actor Billy Greenbush ("Five Easy Pieces")… Which of his movies is your favorite?
I haven't got to see all of his films and of course I never got to see his stage work either but I love his dying scene in "Electric Glide in Blue". He is good as a southern racist in "Attack on Terror". I like Mr. Culpepper in "Culpepper's Cattle Company", in fact every time I hear "Amazing Grace" I think of that movie.

Do you remember being on the set of any particular films or TV shows your dad appeared in?
I remember going with him when he shot "Starskey & Hutch", "Dukes of Hazard", and "The Incredible Hulk".

Did you meet any cool actors back in the seventies from your dad’s films?
I got to meet Dee Wallace last year... LOL I loved that, she is one of my favs. I definitely look up to her. [Editor Note: Dee Wallace and Billy Greenbush played husband and wife in the cult film "Critters" in 1986.]

Your current love is boxing… What do you like best about the sport?
The Challenge!

What are some of your favorite boxing films, and why?
"DiggsTown". I love both James Woods and Lou Gosset Jr. It is a great con that keeps you guessing all the way to the end and the end makes you want to stand and cheer. "Rocky 3": the Mr. T rematch because it shows Carl Weathers and Stallone doing so much work in the gym and foot-work: it gets me all pumped to work hard!! I love all the footage they use in the gym, training. And Rocky 1.

Are there any boxing films that annoy you (for being unrealistic, etc.)?
The last Rocky movie was okay but I thought it was really boring. When they were fighting in the ring they didn't have lace-ups and they weren't taped either.

Any charities, etc., you want to share with us (include websites so people can take part)?
I work with Kid Gloves Boxing Foundation (www.kidglovesboxing) and Big Brothers Big Sisters Ventura Chapter (www.bbsvc.org).

Do you have any advice for kids wanting to get into show business?

Keep a level head and stay grounded. Don't grow up to fast and always have a Plan B.

Interview by James M. Tate

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