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Dee Wallace: Versatile Dee

Dee Wallace and E.T.In the course of three years Dee Wallace was chased by werewolves (in Joe Dante's "The Howling"), befriended by an endearing space alien (in Steven Spielberg's blockbuster "E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial"), and stalked by a rabid St. Bernard (in the Stephen King adaptation of "Cujo" directed by Lewis Teague).

Some other great performances before and after, in motion pictures and television alike, have made her one of the most versatile (and recognizable) actresses around, including a chilling turn as the crazy girlfriend of a very grim reaper (in Peter Jackson's "The Frighteners").

Here is a short but sweet interview with the one and only… Dee Wallace.


Dee Wallace early actingWhen did you first get interested in acting?
I was born wanting to dance and act. I'm sure I did it in other lives!

How did the opportunity to star in "E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial" come about?
Spielberg had auditioned me for "Used Cars." Obviously, I didn't get it. When E.T. came along, he offered me the part.

e.t.Working on "E.T.", did you have any idea about how big the project would end up – i.e. did you know this was something very special while filming?
Yes! I knew it was special. No! The public makes a hit. You do your best and hope.

Henry Thomas in E.T.In two films, "E.T." and "Cujo", you worked with some great young actors… Do you enjoy working with children?
Children are great – IF their moms don't get too involved! They trust, connect, and are always in the moment. I love working with kids. And dogs (Ha).

Dee Wallace in CujoHow long did it take to shoot the prolonged ending of "Cujo"?
We worked fast. But we were in that car for about four weeks. Toughest, most exhausting, truest work I've ever done.

Dee Wallace in FrightenersIn "The Frighteners" you play a psycho who, at first, seems like an innocent victim… Were there any influences you drew upon in playing this multi-dimensional character?
It's scary, but – No. I went to those places in myself and let loose. Basically, if you put no limits on anger, we all can go there.

Jake BuseyIn "The Frighteners" you and Jake Busey are a match made in hell – literally... How was it working with Jake?
I love Jake! We hung out off screen, too. Professional, fun, and tons of energy! I'd love to do another project with him.

Dee Wallace in The HowlingAbout how long did it take to get the makeup applied for the finale of THE HOWLING?
That isn't me! That isn't anyone! It's animatronics. Rob [Bottin] Rocks!

Acting or reacting to something that isn't there or isn't real: a blue-screen, a mechanical alien, or an unseen monster (or "critters")… Is this more of a

challenge than reacting to something real, like another person?
For me, it becomes awfully – similar. I kind of cross this line where...I see it whether it's really there or not. Kind of like the monster in the closet when we're little. You just know it's there, so it is.

Interview by: James M. Tate

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Dee Wallace has written a book titled Conscious Creation: Directing Energy to Get The Life You Want

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